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China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL)


5. Client service

  Client service:

  CTTL insists on the service ideology of “All for the clients and guided by the market demands”. It is making every effort in product tests and accreditation for national and worldwide certification. The laboratories provide “One stop shopping” services as far as possible in assisting enterprises to ensure the quickest entry of products into domestic and international markets with reliable high quality. With increasing demand for global certification, CTTL has being aggressively sought international cooperation and established certification processes through some notified certification bodies to speed up the step of domestic enterprises into global markets.

  CTTL is capable to undertake:

  •   Research and development of standards of telecommunication network and equipment as well as the testing methods
  •   Inspection and tests for Network Accessing License in China
  •   Conformity assessment tests for China Compulsory Certification ,"CCC" mark
  •   Conformity assessment tests for "CE" "FCC" "CCF" "CTIA" "GCF" "PTCRB" "NTRA" "Bluetooth" "RoHS" "WEEE" "Eup" "REACH" and other global market entry certificates
  •   Energy conservation and environmental protection performance
  •   Test for type procurement and technical appraisal for telecom products
  •   Measurement and calibration of telecommunication instruments
  •   Appraisement and validation of telecommunication software
  •   Arbitration and appraisal for after-sale quality arguments on mobile or fixed telephone sets
  •   Providing the solution for telecom equipment to comply with required standards
  •   Research and tests of interconnection and inter-working between different telecom systems and equipment

6. Scientific Research

  CTTL always stands at the front of information communication technology development and has devoted to the new technology development, network evolution, research of technical standards and test methods for past three decades. Its scope has now been gradually enlarged to include some other fields of electronic information industry. A large number of high level research engineers and leading experts of subjects have been built up from the long period working practice combined with special trainings. Some well-known professional specialists are actively working in the areas of telephonometry, data communication, ISDN, multimedia communication, mobile communication, signaling, exchange, access network, synchronization networks, intelligent networks, Internet, transmission technique, satellite communication, telecommunication cables and power supply system, software reliability, security of network, EMC, electrical safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, hazardous substances testing .

  •   Excellent conditions and environment are facilitated for information communication engineering research.
  •   A high level R&D team is formed with backbones from taking part in state key projects such as National 5-year plan projects and "863" projects, etc.
  •   Expertise in the labs is capable for quality control in designing and manufacturing of telecommunication products, as well as for quality system accreditation of manufactures.
  •   CTTL is the active member in attending meetings and research activities of international or foreign organizations such as ITU, IEC/CISPR, IEEE, 3GPP, 3GPP2, GCF, CCF, OMA, RTTECA, PTCRB, CTIA. CTTL is also the member of some major national research and standardization bodies such as CCSA, CEASI, EMIC of CMEEA and TAF etc.

7. authorizations

  •   National Telecommunication Metrology Station
  •   National Telephone Quality Supervision and Testing Center
  •   National Scientific and Technical Results Testing Appraisal Body for Telephone products
  •   China Testing Body for Network Access of Telecommunication Equipment
  •   National Laboratory for China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
  •   Telecommunication Metrology Center, MIIT
  •   Graphic and Text Communication Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center, MIIT
  •    Mobile Communication Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Beijing), MIIT
  •   Telephone Switching Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Beijing), MIIT
  •   Posts and Telecommunication Industry Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center, MIIT
  •   EMC Test Center for Telecommunication Equipment, MIIT
  •   Anti-seismic Performances of Telecommunications Equipment Quality supervision and Test center, MIIT
  •   CTTL Software Testing Center, MIIT
  •   CTTL Environmental Protection Promotion Center, MIIT

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